When I found out during my second year that in order for me to graduate, I was required to complete an internship at any accredited company, I peligros del viagra was not happy at all. In fact, I saw that as a punishment by our lecturers since other courses were not requiring students to do an internship. Little did I know that our lecturers only wanted what’s best for us – to be exposed to and gain experience from an actual work environment.

Throughout my journey here at Meropa Communications, I have realized that an internship is where all things learnt in the classroom become reality. It is

through an internship that you will gain hands on experience that is beyond the classroom. For example, in Public Relations (theory) we are taught ways of how to write an effective press release. But it is through an internship where you discover exactly what they mean by ‘effective’, and some strategies you will have to learn and adopt only when you are exposed to the practical side of what you are studying. Also, getting experience is a great way to build your confidence before graduating.

I often heard my classmates saying that they are not sure if PR is the right career for them. I have realized that when doing an internship before graduating, you have the opportunity to test your future career. It is only through an internship where you will know surely whether you have made the wrong or right decision in choosing a career.

If that’s not enough, internships are a great way for networking opportunities. When you are working, you are exposed to all kinds of people who might help you or even give you the right contacts of people whom they know will surely help you. Also, they will help your CV to stand out in terms of references since they will be people who are in the industry.

There are also some challenges involved with doing an internship when still a student, but they can be overcome through tips I will discuss in my next blog. Watch out for it.