Everything that has a beginning has an ending

Sadly, today is my last day as an intern at Meropa Communications. Before I leave, I want to take this moment to share some of the excitement I have experienced during the last six months.

The best thing that has motivated me in this time I have spent at Meropa is that I can make an impact. I have attended events, written blogs, press releases, content calendars and more. If I had to reflect on every activity that I got exposed to, I would write a whole chapter. My time spent here has been wonderful and worthwhile.

In the course of my internship, I became an advisor to some students on campus. I found myself telling unfamiliar people about the awesome things that I have been doing. “The Interns” project made me a mini-celebrity, and I’m thankful to everyone that made it a success.


To those wondering what my next step is from here. Well, I have two options…I will either continue with my studies or look for employment when I graduate. I’m considering my options at the moment.

As I get ready to focus on my studies full-time, I’m delighted to have learnt so much in this space of time. There are skills that I gained, and my confidence has improved. I’m no longer the same person that I was when I first came here.

Contributing to Meropa for the last six months has given me a new perspective to take back to school with me. It gave me insight on what problems I look forward to solving, and what I need to focus on improving if I want to make an impact on similar projects in the near future. Being an intern and working in the start-up space is a great experience, there are always new skills to learn from people who have been there and done it.

I will definitely miss everyone, the activities, food, on-camera interviews and the celebrations.

My special gratitude goes to my mentor. He has been there for me from the very first day and has been like a brother to me, not only did he advise me workwise but personally too. I will always be appreciative for his efforts in preparing me for the future.

To conclude, I just want to thank everyone for their hospitality and kindness. It has been a great pleasure meeting them, and spending valuable time with them. I would not have been able to compile my portfolio without them. To those that have taken their time to read about my experiences from the first blog that I wrote, thank you and I hope that the experiences I have shared had an impact and benefitted you in some way.

Sharing is caring

Telling a personal story to another person is an incredible feeling, especially when they are in a position that you have been in. As a public relations student, it happens that you don’t know what to expect in the industry, the opportunities and the challenges. I’m not saying I know everything but the little that I know might benefit someone else.

You must be wondering where I’m heading with my statement above. Well, this week my fellow intern (Fiona) and I had to do a presentation to the students from Walter Sisulu University. We were briefed the week before so we had to be prepared. Imagine my nerves, my excitement, and my anticipation. Nonetheless the presentation went quite well, maybe it’s because I’m a student too, and I relate better to their academic circumstances. We shared our internship experiences and the activities that we do at the office on a daily basis.

My biggest challenge this week was the fact that we were writing two tests on the same day. One was harder than I had expected, but I gave it my all. However, it was also very exciting because we attended the Ford Go Further event held at the Sandton Convention Centre. We assisted with the press packs and manning the media desk. We also had the chance to tour the exhibition and see the new and exciting innovations and funky models that Ford was bringing into the motoring industry.

Although I spent most of the day standing, it was an incredible event. The team was professional at all times. From organising the interviews to welcoming the media, the way they handled everything was superb.

Sometimes I feel that entering the working place as an intern is like walking into another school, and I’m so grateful for joining Meropa, which continues to give me the best learning experiences possible.