The big day has finally arrived! L It is with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to all my colleagues. The tasks given to me by them have helped expose me to the practical side of my studies. I have become friends with some of them and will miss them a lot. At the same time, I am grateful for the experience Meropa Communications has given to me.

Months spent here have been exciting and challenging, with lots of need to prioritise work and school activities and learning new things every day. This experience wouldn’t have been as thrilling if it wasn’t for the awesome colleagues I have worked closely with – encouraging me to ask questions where I don’t understand. They were all kind and friendly from day one. They made sure that I am always on my toes. I can assure them that indeed I am no longer the same person who didn’t have a clue of the practical side of PR. The same goes to the HR Manager, Lauren Jackson, who saw potential in me during my interview for this internship.

This morning, we wrapped our last episode of the interns (, aiming to tell our story, using our experience and to show other aspiring PR professionals how agencies operate. I have to admit that I have been trying hard to not think of this day. During our shoot with the visual team, that’s when reality kicked in. Sadly, now I understand the true meaning of “all things come to an end”.

I would like to take this opportunity also to thank the CEO Peter Mann, for allowing me to enhance my skills at his company. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have gained this experience. May he continue to provide learning opportunities for other students who need to be exposed to and learn in an actual work environment.

I am very grateful to have something that makes goodbye so difficult. Thank you all for making my internship journey a success!