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The Interns

At the beginning of March interns Gugulethu and Fiona walked through the doors of Meropa Communications, bright-eyed and eager to please.

As the two began their internships, Meropa PR started with a unique concept to document their journey. And in a collaborative effort with the digital and visual teams, that concept has come to life. Through the multimedia project, the interns will reveal the day-to-day life of a Meropian.

On day one of their tenure, the soon-to-be graduates were interviewed on camera. And from this footage the first episode of The Interns was created. In episode one Fiona says she is ecstatic to be at Meropa because it is “one of the best global agencies” and she will be learning from the best.

Both of them were expectedly nervous on that day, and Gugu admitted to having forgotten the names of the all the people he had been introduced to.

If you are keen to know what tune the interns will be singing in the face of unrelenting deadlines, countless meetings and contact reports, follow this series on www.theinterns.co.za.

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